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Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!!

Category: Family

Yeah, I know. It's been a lonmg time since I've made an entry here, but I've been busy as a stay at home dad taking care of my daughter. Well, today she is one year old. And she walks, has two more teeth coming in up top and is so much funny.

Erika and I just love her so much. She's a lovely little girl, and she's such a huge blessing in our lives.

Happy birthday Rachel!

Posted 2008-01-30 08:05:40 am by Joe

Our little girl is here

Category: Family

Our little girl Rachel Orli is here. She has been with us for nine weeks now. It's amazing how much a baby can grow in just 9 weeks. She has nearly doubled her weight, but then she was under five pounds when she was born. We take lots of pictures of her, and thanks to the digitla camera, they will be preserved for a long time to come.

Fortunately, Rachel was able to meet her great grandfather Papa Joe before he passed away on March 23rd. It was somewhat sudden and unexpected, but fortunately he held her a few times during Rachel's first two months.

Papa Joe, you will be missed.

Posted 2007-04-04 09:08:41 am by Joe

Baby is on the way

Category: Family

We've told most of the family now, so I guess I can let the rest of the world know. Erika is pregnant. The baby is due in January. We got of her old Honda Civic and replaced it with the more family-friendly Honda CR-V, which has the body of an SUV but the mileage of an Accord. Our next project is to hold a garage sale in September, and to start converting the former guest room into a nursery in the upcoming months.

Posted 2006-08-08 12:49:37 pm by Joe

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